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RENOR (The Renor Foundation)

Renor is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public charity based out of Largo, Florida. Founded in 2015 as a means to provide miscellaneous services to non-profit entities, Renor is now accepting donations of all kinds to help other nonprofits raise extra revenue. What began as a company offering services to horse-related individuals and organizations, has grown into a well-respected leader in the nonprofit world. Today, we directly and indirectly support thousands of nonprofits in 27 countries, with the vision of expanding our fundraising efforts so that we can continue to provide additional revenue to those amazing nonprofit organizations. Renor's success to date stems from our dedication to problem solving, exceptional customer service, our ability to maximize each donation, and the extensive marketing content we create and distribute to our beneficiaries to help promote their programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide nonprofits the ability to receive any type of donations, from anyone, anywhere, so they may focus on their mission and passion instead of on fundraising.

Our Philosophy

Our beneficiaries have been and will always be the most important key to our organization's success. In order to make it so, we treat the donors-beneficiaries relationship as the most important aspect of our processing service. Donors' generosity keeps thousands of nonprofits running, and that make the world a better place. Renor truly appreciates contribution to the cause donors love. Without donors, most nonprofits could not even exist.


Renor's core value for both donor and beneficiary solely revolves around gratitude. Always delivering exceptional customer service and lifetime donor engagement remains the top priority in how Renor helps beneficiaries run their programs. All donations are considered a "heartfelt" gift that contributes to Renor nonprofit beneficiaries' valuable missions. The more impactful relationships that Renor develops with supporters, the more successful beneficiaries' programs and funding will be.

Renor also maintains the standard of gratitude for our own volunteers. Renor  not only helps each volunteer grow their career, but also values each individual on a personal and team level. The comradery and respect between volunteers aids in the success of the organization as well as the superior service that both donors and beneficiaries receive in the process.

The time and care that Renor dedicates to our donors and beneficiaries is making our nonprofit an industry leader in the donation world. Our beneficiaries' success is our success and we truly enjoy that relationship!

Contact Us

To contact us, please email us at admin@renor.org