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Some frequent questions we receive


 Can I donate cryptocurrency to a nonprofit?

Yes, we have a special Q&A on that subject. More...

 Can I donate anonymously?


 Does I must specify the beneficiary?

No! If you don't specify a beneficiary (or you may split the donation if you wish) the full amount of your donation will go to the Charity Pool

 Can I donate to a nonprofit not listed on your website?

Yes! Just fill out the secure donation form and include the name and address of your favorite nonprofit, and we will contact them for approval of the donation.

 Are there any fees involved?

We do not charge fees as such. However, the donor and/or beneficiary may decide on their own to make a voluntary contribution to our own foundation.

 How much of any donation does a nonprofit gets? 

While there are sometime certain costs involved in the processing of a donation (for a car, or a plane, for example), the bottom line is that the nonprofit is to receive 100% of the net proceeds.  But that is just the beginning - actually, we expect that in certain cases the nonprofit could actually more than the original value of the donation. We will be happy to discuss this option directly with the nonprofit (or the donor) as each case is different.

 What is the Charity Pool

Nonprofits, NGOs and charities registered with us automatically become part of our Charity Pool. In the event donors do not name a specific entity to receive their donations, we discuss with them their criteria and we select from the pool the entities meeting those criteria. All rules and conditions apply, just as for a regular donation. 

 What if the transaction is international, ie the donor and beneficiary are from different countries?

For many types of donation there are no limitations that we know of from the beneficiary's point of view (although we strongly recommend checking with your legal counsel). However, there are certain factors to consider for the donor. The technical side of the transaction itself is not an issue, but the tax laws differ between countries so there might be certain implications the donor should inquire about in order to avoid any surprises. 

 What's in it for Renor, financially?

A key element of our nonprofit mission is to offer solutions to other nonprofit entities. As a general policy, all services we provide should be financially self-supporting but ideally without out-of-pocket money for the donor or the beneficiary. In certain cases we receive a reward from the normal transaction fee charged by a 3rd party processor (if the case), not from the donor nor the beneficiary. We also accept donations.

 How long does the whole process take?

How long it takes for a beneficiary to receive the donation depends on the type of donation and where it is going. The process starts as soon as we receive the request.

 Can Renor refuse to process a donation?

Absolutely! If anything in the donation appears suspicious and/or the legality cannot be confirmed, Renor will not facilitate the donation.

 Taxation questions?

We really cannot provide legal and/or tax-related advice to anyone. We strongly recommend both donors and beneficiaries seek professional advice from qualified professionals. However, from an educational point of view, there is a lot of information available online by legal authorities of pretty much every country on the planet.  

 How can I avoid charities/NGO/NPO scams?

This is an excellent question. We cannot guarantee that the beneficiary of a donation is not a scam. Donors should do their own due diligence to ensure the validity/legality of the beneficiary. Although registration of an entity with the proper authorities is not a guarantee of any kind, we periodically perform a cross-verification of our databases(s) with official sources that are available to us; when we process a donation, we verify our database and report to the donor any discrepancy we may find.   

 What is your mailing address?

The mailing address to use for all admin & operation purposes is:
Renor Foundation
50  8th Ave SW, #1720
Largo, FL USA 33779-1720

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